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Season 1.
OK. So. Red has to do deliveries around the FAIRY TALE ALTERNATE WORLD for his grandma and lives under his MOTHER's strict rule/surveillance. He delivers BAKED GOODS for the most part. Hence the constant usage of a basket and having SWEETS on his person 24/7.

We are introduced to RED as an innocent and adorable rape victim (though we don't know that yet >3) running his delivery rounds. We are also introduced to CINDER. CINDER is a call-boy living with his STEPMOTHER and STEPSISTERS.

They meet in an apartment complex where CINDER has excused himself from a tedious discussion with EXTRA #1, EXTRA #2, and EXTRA #3 (CECILE, THE GENTLEMAN THIEF, and an ANDROGYNOUS MAN just for the record). Enter a ROBIN HOOD. ROBIN HOOD meets RED on the stairs and steals his BASKET. ROBIN HOOD proceeds to act rudely towards RED. CINDER stands at the door. Exit ROBIN HOOD.

Later RED and CINDER meet up a second time. Enter PRINCE CHARMING. PRINCE CHARMING also proceeds to act out towards RED. PRINCE CHARMING and CINDER converse. Exit PRINCE CHARMING. This pattern follows. RED and CINDER meet up again several times, randomly crossing paths. Many MALE and FEMALE EXTRAS hit on RED during these meetings.

CINDER seems to find RED constantly (on an almost daily basis) and when the two do come together socially they seem to attract an immediate SOCIAL GATHERING. Some of their acquaintances include ROBIN HOOD #2, WHITE RABBIT, PRINCESS CHARMING, SNOW WHITE, CHESHIRE CAT MALE and CHESHIRE CAT FEMALE. RED maintains several short-lived crushes. CINDER and RED come to establish the beginning of a casual companionship.

Season 2.
Enter CINDER's old friend, wealthy doctor-in-training SINKO. At first RED seems to somewhat dislike SINKO and SINKO suspects that CINDER and RED have a destined romantic relationship. This is not the case.

Soon RED, SINKO, and CINDER become a companionable trio. SINKO tries to seduce innocent RED on several occasions, simultaneously seeing more and more of CINDER when RED is not around. CINDER and RED have grown to be closer friends at this time. SINKO and CINDER also grow to be much closer companions.

Soon this boundary is crossed and CINDER and SINKO maintain a relationship resembling that of LOVERS. SINKO also pursues RED privately when CINDER is not around.

Though as CINDER's actions toward RED don't necessarily change throughout this period, SINKO becomes slowly attracted to RED, who, as far as we know, does not harbor the same feelings for SINKO. At this point all three are very close friends.

On one occasion, SINKO calls a private rendezvous, which both CINDER and RED attend. SINKO openly expresses a desire to have sexual relations with RED, tagging CINDER's name to this statement as well, so that RED should think BOTH companions feel the need to take advantage of him. This does not go over well with RED.

CINDER also becomes angry because 1. SINKO is upsetting RED, his friend 2. SINKO has attached his name to something he previously knew nothing about, and 3. CINDER and SINKO had established a deeper relationship than that in the realm of friendship, triggering some possessive jealousy in CINDER. We learn that CINDER is an almost selfishly JEALOUS person.

At this time SINKO is unrelenting in his pursuit of the distraught RED. Also at this time we learn that RED is a rape victim. A fierce argument/discussion begins. RED becomes angry at both CINDER and SINKO and cries. SINKO attempts to console RED and fails. CINDER tries to persuade SINKO to leave RED alone for the moment and also fails.

Exit a distressed and angry RED from the scene, quite plainly feeling used. Exit CINDER. Exit SINKO to his car.

CINDER soon follows SINKO to his car. The two converse for a short time before SINKO asks CINDER to exit the car. He does so. Exit CINDER and SINKO.

SINKO, thinking that RED and CINDER now hate him, makes a suicide attempt. SINKO's young relative RUBY seeks out CINDER to help. CINDER and SINKO reconcile before CINDER has an ambulance come for SINKO. He accompanies SINKO to the hospital and oversees his care from the sidelines, protectively. Exit SINKO from the hospital.

SINKO and CINDER renew a vague pseudo-romantic relationship although SINKO still openly feels for RED. CINDER tries to persuade him otherwise. The two SLEEP TOGETHER with some unexpected assistance from RUBY. Not too much later SINKO molests RED. RED reluctantly forgives him.

CINDER, however, does not. Having grown angry at the violation of what he has deemed his BEST FRIEND, CINDER seeks out SINKO at the park. He proceeds to yell at SINKO, stomp his MEDICAL BOOK, pin him to the ground, BANG his head uncomfortably, grind a boot into his stomach until breathing becomes difficult, and REPRIMAND ANGRILY. He warns that SINKO keep his distance, adding that he is disgusting and that he never wants to see him again. SINKO keeps a rational tone throughout and apologizes, but both sounds insincere and fails to persuade CINDER otherwise.

CINDER then seeks out RED and lets him know he has his back. RED appears melancholy. CINDER later accompanies RED to a pet shop where a PUPPY is purchased. PUPPY becomes RED's newest companion. Soon after, CINDER invites RED to the movies in an attempt to raise his spirits. This seems to work well. The two resume their close friendship.

Meanwhile, SINKO has gone on a much needed vacation. While away he DRINKS, sleeps with a few PROSTITUTES, and makes a SUICIDE attempt. He makes no move to phone RED or CINDER during this time. CINDER hangs around RED more frequently in hopes that companionship will further bring about his happiness.

SINKO calls CINDER at home. CINDER misses SINKO and is concerned for his welfare. SINKO assures that he is fine. CINDER never hears from SINKO again. It is later suspected that he offs himself somewhere in EUROPE.

CINDER also abandons RED mysteriously, unexpectedly disappearing one day without so much as saying goodbye. His whereabouts are unknown. RED is deserted except for WOLF, a drug dealer he was previously in contact with after the MOLESTATION incident.

And so it continues.

1. Peer pressure >3
2. Drug usage (+ a dude named Wolf ... so you know what that means)
3. A significant lack of - dare I say it? - ice cream in our lead's freezer.

Mad suspense.
Episode One, Season Three: Don't Tempt Me (PG-13, for mentioning and purchasing of illegal drugs)Collapse )