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Red: ~in a blood red collared short sleeved shirt, dark red jeans, and black comfortable dress shoes. Heads to the ballroom, stepping in, and glancing around for where Wolf is~

Wolf: *He's indeed seated at the piano, wearing some sort of casual classic black and white tux get-up with an open jacket and long coattails hanging off the back of the bench. He's playing softly, his fingers barely pressing the keys down*

Red: ~unsure what he's supposed to say, not wanting to interrupt the older man. Tentively heads towards him~

Wolf: Come here and fix me up a cigarette, kid.

Red: Ah... ~wasn't aware the other saw him. Pauses as he gets close to him and the piano~ You meant light it?

Wolf: Take it out of my breast pocket here, put it between my lips, and light it.

Red: Um. All right. ~reaches, gingerly taking the cigarette then offering it to the other's mouth~ ._.;;

Wolf: *He takes it loosely between his lips and speaks out of the side of his mouth, continuing his playing* Quit acting so nervous.

Red: Shouldn't I be? I have no reason to trust you. Where is the lighter?

Wolf: It's just a cigarette. *He crescendos into a new movement of the piece, but it dies down again quickly into an unobtrusive mezzopiano* Back right pocket.

Red: ~locates it, flipping it on and lighting the end of the cigarette for the man. Closes the lid of the lighter, setting it onto the piano~ ...

Wolf: *He inhales, the tip of the cigarette glowing red, then blows the smoke in a thin stream from the corner of his mouth* Thanks.

Red: You're very commanding. You're the type of person I'm not brave enough to say 'no' to for the most part. Otherwise I wouldn't have done it. Smoking is bad for you.

Wolf: Maybe I should command something else of you then. *He smirks and glances at Red* Drugs are worse.

Red: ~frown~ That doesn't make cigarettes any better.

Wolf: Are you going to sit here and preach to me about smoking? Why are you really here?

Red: It's apparantly the best place for me to be.

Wolf: News to me.

Red: Me as well.

Wolf: How very unfortunate for you. Are you sure you didn't come for something else?

Red: Yes. I'm not going to take anymore of that... stuff

Wolf: Are you sure?

Red: Yes. I am.

Wolf: All right, if you're certain. *He plays with one hand for a moment to he can tip the ash from his cigarette into a tray sitting on the piano, then he replaces it and pulls a small package of pills from his other back pocket and places them next to the ashtray*

Red: ... ~looks away~ Why did you just do that?

Wolf: You know how it is. They were burning a hole in my pocket.

Red: I told you I'm not taking them.

Wolf: Then you won't mind if I set them there.

Red: I do though.

Wolf: Yeah? That's too bad.

Red: Why are you trying to make me test myself? I don't even have the money to be a ... regular customer. It's just mean.

Wolf: You don't need to be a regular. I'm an average joe, I take what I can get.

Red: ~moves to smack him~

Wolf: *Grabs Red's arm before he can manage it*

Red: ... ... I'm sorry.

Wolf: Are you?

Red: No.

Wolf: Then why did you say it?

Red: Because I should be.

Wolf: If you don't mean it, don't say it. *Releases his arm and puts his cigarette out in the ashtray*

Red: ~turns away from Wolf, heading towards the door~

Wolf: One more hit isn't the end of your life, you know. It's just a little pick-me-up, that's all.

Red: I notice you don't use your own products. Is it simply that I haven't caught you at it, or are you just a complete manipulator?

Wolf: Well you see, I'm just perfectly happy, that's all. I don't need it. I'm only here to provide it to those who do. A servant of the people, you know.

Red: ~glares at him~ I don't need it!

Wolf: But you want it, and that's close enough.

Red: No it isn't. I want a lot of things, but I don't need them.

Wolf: If you say so, kid.

Red: Do you just get everything you want?

Wolf: Just about.

Red: Well good for you. Can I leave now?

Wolf: If that's what you want. *Smirks*

Red: I was asking what you want.

Wolf: No you weren't.

Red: Yes I was. ._.

Wolf: *He only smirks and goes back to his playing, the pills still on the piano in plain view*

Red: Good bye then! ~exits the ball room, rubbing his arms a little as he heads down the hall~ He's horrible. ._.

[Commercial Break]

Red: ~walks into his room~

Wolf *Lying on his bed, looking comfortable, glances at Red* Don't ask me, I just ended up here.

Red: Well. Um. End up out of here? ._. ~the room is very... white and red. All over. There is a collection of stuffed animals, and then board games. It really looks suited for a younger kid than Red is. Or possibly a girl. Which says that either he doesn't spend a lot of time in the room... or he's spent way too much~

Wolf: You can't kick me out now, I'm far too comfortable.

Red: It is my room though. And if my mother comes home... ~wrings hands nervously~

Wolf: What? Afraid she'll catch you with a boy in your room?

Red: Is that so bad a fear?

Wolf: No. It's a very nice fear. But I'm not leaving.

Red: Look. You can push me around outside of my own house and room but... but this is crossing the line really. I want you to leave. Um. Now.

Wolf: *He crosses his legs and looks at Red with a slight smirk*

Red: ~very red, blushing from either embarassment or anger, or a mix of the two~ You have to leave! I told you to!

Wolf: But what do you plan on doing about it?

Red: ... ... I ... ... ~stomps over, attempting to loom over him~ I'll have to make you!

Wolf: All right then. *Looks up at him expectantly*

Red: ~hesitantly, very lightly, grabs onto his arm~ Ah... ... ~tugs a bit~ >.>

Wolf: You're kidding me.

Red: I am not!

Wolf: You really expect me to leave because of that?

Red: Yes... Something tells me you aren't agreeing with me on this.

Wolf: Not at all.

Red: .. .~grumble~ FINE. Can I pay you to leave?

Wolf: No. But you can pay me for something else and I will leave.

Red: ... I'm not buying those.

Wolf: Suit yourself, kid.

Red: Fine. ... Fine. I can't let her find you. How much?

Wolf: *He looks at Red for a minute, then pulls out a small plastic vial which has maybe five or six pills inside* Three-hundred.

Red: ~literally falls over~ WHAT?!

Wolf: You heard me. These aren't cheap. Tell you what: I'll knock it down to two-fifty if you'll give me a little kiss. *Shakes the bottle*

Red: ~hands grasp onto bed, slowly rises up~ ._. I have about .... thirty dollars to my name...

Wolf: I guess you won't be getting rid of me then.

Red: There has to be SOME way..

Wolf: *He smirks a little* All right. I'll sell you one for thirty bucks, and I still want that kiss.

Red: And then you'll leave...?

Wolf: And then I'll leave.

Red: .. .~sighs, roots around in one of his drawers and tosses three tens at Wolf~ Okay?

Wolf: *He sits up and pockets the money* Okay. Come here.

Red: ~stands by the edge of the bed, nervous~

Wolf: *He reaches up to place his hand on the back of Red's neck and draws him down, his other hand resting on the boy's hip, and he
smirks at him a little before tilting his head to kiss him firmly*

Red: ~turns almost completely tomatoe red at the kiss. Gripping the other's shoulders as though afraid he might topple completely onto the bed. Keeps his lips closed, on instinct rather than knowing that kisses can go further. Pulls away after his heart starts beating again~ There.

Wolf: *He smirks and stands up, looking down at Red. He takes the cap from the vial, grabs Red's hand, and tips one small pill into it before capping it again* Pleasure doing business with you.

Red: ~pulls away... looks at the pill. Seems to waver, expression undescribable~ .. ... And this. ~drops it, then brings his shoe down on it, grinding it into the floor with his heel~ Is what I think of your business. Now leave. ~deep breathing~

Wolf: *His smirk only grows* You could've at least sold it to someone else. Aren't you going to show me out?

Red: Fine. ~stalks out of the room, leading Wolf down the hall, into the living room, and then out onto the patio~

Wolf: Not going to give me a goodbye kiss?

Red: ... ... No.

Wolf: *He sighs lightly, but it's obviously a mocking sort of gesture* Well, don't I feel rejected.

Red: Ah. You said not to say sorry when I don't mean it so... ~shrug~

Wolf: Mm, using my words against me. Well, I'll see you around, kid. *He smirks, gives Red a little once-over, and then starts walking*

Red: Good bye.. .. .. ~slumps onto porch swing~

Wolf: *He stops a little ways off but doesn't turn around* Sure you don't want some company?

Red: ~blinks~ Company? You just... .. I.. ... .. will you leave when my mom comes home?

Wolf: I'll leave whenever you want.

Red: Then... you can stay. ~gestures to the empty part of the porch swing~

Wolf: *He turns and walks back slowly, his strides comfortable, and sits down beside Red*

Red: I must be desperate for company.

Wolf: You must be. What's on your mind, kid?

Red: Nothing really. ._. All my friends are gone, or I don't know their names. The only person I have to talk to wants me to become
a drug addict, or possibly... have relations with them. And I think I don't have any icecream in the fridge. Life is rough.

Wolf: Well, that sounds terrible. Especially the bit about having no icecream.

Red: Don't be so... so... mature.

Wolf: What? I like icecream.

Red: I wasn't aware icecream came in 'cocaine'. X_X

Wolf: It doesn't. Commercially.

Red: ~covers ears~ ><#

Wolf: I don't like coke anyway.

Red: .... ..~hands go down~ What do you like?

Wolf: *He raises a hand to his chin thoughtfully* Cinnamon.

Red: ... ... Well. That was unexpected.

Wolf: Was it?

Red: yes. Yes it was. Do you want a medal?

Wolf: It would be nice. Do you have one? *Smirks at him*

Red: No. But I have aluminum foil, and a decent amount of imagination.

Wolf: Then I expect it by the end of the week.

Red: ... Ah. We're seeing each other by then?

Wolf: I can arrange it.

Red: >.> I'd rather you not.

Wolf: Well, I want the medal I earned.

Red: I was joking, you know. You didn't really earn a medal. Medals are for people who perform great... acts... -_- You didn't do anything great, just now. So.

Wolf: I was joking too.

Red: ... ... -_- Get off my porch. ~SLUMPS MORE~

Wolf: Fine. *Smirks and gets up off the swing, heading down the steps*

Red: Wait. Um. >.>

Wolf: *Stops and turns to look at Red* Yeah, kid?

Red: ... When do you want the medal by?

Wolf: If you want me to come see you, I will. You don't need an excuse.

Red: I don't think here is a good place. My mother doesn't like visitors...

Wolf: Somewhere else then.

Red: The public park. I'll... bring food.

Wolf: ... *Raises a brow* Food? Oh, are you taking me on a picnic?

Red: I like to cook. It has nothing to do with you.

Wolf: *Shrugs* Works for me.

Red: Fine then. Um. Tomorrow?

Wolf: Tomorrow it is.

Red: ... Good bye then.

Awww. ^-^ Cute.
Except for the no ice cream part. That's just tragic.
I know. Poor Red. He was devastated.