Red: ~in red tank-top and khaki jeans. Sitting out at a picnic table, checkered tablecloth/blanket spread across it. He has a picnic basket and is unpacking what seems to be bunches of pastries of different sorts. Ferdinand, the golden retriever puppy, is romping around over to his left~

Wolf: *He approaches casually, dressed down in a pair of faded and bleach-spotted blue jeans and a simple white button-up shirt. He's carrying a bottle of some fancy-looking wine and two long-stemmed glasses, and he sets them down on the table, looking at Red*

Red: Ah. Hello... ... ~glances at the bottle, deciding not to investigate if it is alchohalic yet or not. He finishes getting out the food he made with some sandwich materials and what looks like potatoe salad. Along with the various desserts... there's more than enough for two people, let alone ten.~ I think I went a little overboard...

Wolf: Maybe a little bit. We'll just have to do it again tomorrow, hm? *Smirks a little*

Red: If this doesn't blow up in my face... ._.

Wolf: And why would it? *He sits down at the table, getting himself comfortable*

Red: Just an inkling. So um. How has your day been?

Wolf: Unusually quiet. And yours?

Red: Naturally quiet. ~as though nervous, picks up a cookie, munching slightly~

Wolf: Calm down, relax. Nothing's going to happen.

Red: ~as though anyone was listening, lowers his voice~ You gave me drugs yesterday, ... Wolf. I can't exactly trust you completely, now can I?

Wolf: I didn't give them to you, don't flatter me so. *Making no attempt to be quiet*

Red: You sold them to me -_-

Wolf: Exactly.

Red: Still making you untrustworthy!

Wolf: I didn't tell you to trust me.

Red: Then how can I feel safe?

Wolf: I just said relax.

Red: -_- How can I relax if I don't feel safe?

Wolf: Imagine you do.

Red: ... So I'm safe in my imagination?

Wolf: If that's how you want to look at it.

Red: I think I'll just ignore it. Feel free to... eat something...

Wolf: Mm. *He sets to fixing himself a sandwich, allowing himself a private smirk*

Red: ~chews on cookie, watching Wolf in a way that suggest he's trying not to~ ... Ah.

Wolf: See something you like? *Looks at him*

Red: Um. ~grabs doughnut, munches~

Wolf: *Smirks again and bites into his sandwich, still watching Red*

Red: I guess I eat a lot of sweets. ~just trying to keep talking so he can't break down and blush~

Wolf: Not good for your teeth.

Red: I guess not... ~reaches for the bread and sandwich material~

Wolf: What really prompted this? Are you honestly desperate enough to spend your time with someone like me?

Red: ~making himself a sandwich~ I suppose I am. I really don't have anyone else to talk to... and today you're being very nice.

Wolf: How horrible for you. *He finishes off the sandwich he made and grabs a hold of the wine bottle, popping the cork off and standing up to fill the two glasses* Well, you seem a little pathetic.

Red: Thanks, I appreciate it. Oh, and I take back that part about you being nice. ~picks up one of the wine glasses without thinking and sips, before sitting it down with wide eyes~ ...

Wolf: Is there a problem? *He corks the bottle again and raises his own glass* Well, besides the fact that you drank without first making a toast. That was a little rude. *He holds the glass up to look through it, the deep burgundy colour playing back on his face*

Red: I can't drink that... ~bites into his sandwich, just starring at the wine cup~

Wolf: You just did. *Brings his glass back down, fingers curled around the stem, and takes a short drink*

Red: Well, I shan't anymore. ~mutters slightly under his breath~

Wolf: One glass of wine isn't going to kill you, kid.

Red: I'm still not drinking it.

Wolf: Fine. Scorn my gift. You'd be a really terrible dinner guest.

Red: I don't see anyone inviting me to dinner. ~small shrug~

Wolf: Well, now you know why.

Red: Er. Maybe.

Wolf: Hm. *He takes another drink and sets his glass down with a soft clink*

Red: ~nibbles on his sandwich, watching the man~

Wolf: *Raises his brow slightly and leans on the table a little* Yes?

Red: I didn't say anything, did I?

Wolf: You look like you want to.

Red: Oh. Well. I didn't.

Wolf: You're sure?

Red: Why wine?

Wolf: Why not?

Red: I'm a minor.

Wolf: So you've got no problem with a little E, but wine is out of the question? *He smirks a little darkly at Red*

Red: ~glowers slightly~ I have a problem with both.

Wolf: There's nothing wrong with a little drink now and again. I doubt that's even enough to get you tipsy.

Red: You'd be surprised. I'm kind of delicate. ... ~furious blush~ Er. In that kind of thing.

Wolf: I bet you're kind of delicate in other areas as well.

Red: I have punched a guy, you know... I mean, he was kind of hurt...

Wolf: Did you break a nail? *He smiles sardonically and speaks in a nasty sort of condescending tone*

Red: ~frowns~ No.

Wolf: Well, maybe you're growing up a little after all.

Red: As though you would notice.

Wolf: *He only shrugs in answer and picks the bottle back up, removing the cork again to top off his glass*

Red: I've grown up more than you would notice, I'm sure. ~sighs, starring at the cup of wine again~

Wolf: What does it matter what I notice?

Red: I admit you're my only friend, and you can't even be nice, can you? ~sips the wine now~

Wolf: Well, I never said I was your friend.

Red: I suppose you aren't.

Wolf: I don't really have too much time to make nice with little boys.

Red: Then why did you agree to meet me?

Wolf: Free food.

Red: ~nearly falls over~ ... So blunt.

Wolf: Well, you did ask.

Red: Yeah.. ~seems upset now~

Wolf: Don't seem so shocked.

Red: I'm not shocked. ~siiiiigh~

Wolf: Well then, stop being so mopey. Quit sighing and eat your food.

Red: I'm not hungry. I'm too miserable to eat.

Wolf: What, because all your little mates up and left you?

Red: ... Yes.

Red: You have no idea how I feel.

Wolf: You can't be sure of that.

Wolf: The more appropriate thing to say is that I don't care.

Red: Then have fun, by yourself. I really don't need this... abuse. ~stands up, grabbing his basket but not touching the left over food~ And keep the free food, since it was so worth coming out here for. Come, Ferdinand, we're leaving. ~hmphs~

Wolf: Suit yourself, kid. *He leans back a pulls out a slim cigarette case, popping it open and taking a thin cigarette from it*

Red: Good bye. ~heads off, puppy at his heels, happy despite his master's foul mood~

Wolf: *He just grins a little unpleasantly as he lights up, watching Red walk away*